Simulator for Operator Training


In control centers around the world, the activities of power system operators are increasingly demanding. Current power systems are more complex, interconnected, and less tolerant. The introduction of energy markets and regional transmission organizations extended the operator’s responsibilities. Even with the great advance of the technologies used in control and supervision of electric power systems, operators are still responsible for several complex and fundamental actions for the correct and fast and safe reestablishment of an electric system.

Operators therefore need a high level of knowledge and ability to keep the system operating reliably and economically feasible, and to exercise critical judgment and take appropriate action during emergency situations. The need for ongoing training for network operators is more urgent than ever, especially because veteran operators, on retirement, carry with them the expertise gained over many years. The OTS presents itself as an important simulation and training tool for the training these professionals, capable of simulating the behavior of an electrical system under various operational conditions and responding to the actions of the operators. Trainees can develop their skills without compromising the safety and availability of the actual electrical system. Automalógica provides the market with a complete and affordable solution for the creation of an operator training center, including electrical modeling, software integration, maintenance and upgrade contract, training and all the necessary infrastructure to create the ideal environment for training team operators.

Main Features

  • User-friendly interface for system operation, configuration, and expansion.
  • The same SCADA system used by operators is available at the training station.
  • Response to various types of commands such as: circuit breaker and disconnect switches, tap commands, lock relay reset.
  • Power flow algorithm to simulate the behavior of all electrical measurements.
  • Construction of scenarios manually or by importing historical online information (snapshot) of the SCADA system in real time.
  • Elaboration and reproduction of sequences of events.
  • Timeline – Ability to retrace the simulation to an earlier instant of training.
  • Can be integrated with various SCADA systems, such as Elipse, SAGE, Spectrum Power CC, among others on request.
  • Ability to communicate through various protocols, namely IEC870-5-104, DNP3.0, IEC61850, ICCP (Inter-Center Communication Protocol), OPC, and others on request.

Available services

  • Installation and configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Technical support
  • Training