Data Historian


Elipse Plant Manager (EPM) provides a fast, simple and reliable way to collect data from various types of real-time sources, storing and contextualizing information, delivering high recording and query performance, and powerful tools for handling, retrieving, and data analysis.

EPM can be integrated with Elipse E3, Elipse Power, or even third-party software such as SAGE or other supervisory software. The great differential of EPM compared to data base used tools in some SCADA systems is their own algorithms that allow the treatment of an extensive data without harming the performance of the queries, besides optimizing the storage data space needed. Client applications can be installed in the operating machines of the SCADA system, but can also be available on maintenance machines, post-operation or even corporate network computers (if connected to the EPM server) so that different teams can work with data extracted from the real-time system, even outside the operating room environment, thus not occupying the resources of the System Operation (Operational Terminals and Operators).

Historical and real-time data can be used in the following cases:

  • Plotting advanced trend graphs through EPM Studio, TrendExplorer (web application) or Microsoft Excel*;
  • Building reports through Microsoft Excel*;
  • Construction of dashboards (dynamic displays) through Microsoft SharePoint;
  • User applications programmed in the Python language.


*The Excel add-in tool in EPM creates a connection between Microsoft Excel and the database, and also enables non-Excel multiple features that make it easier to build articles. Here are some sample articles that come with this tool:

  • Report of unavailability time of each SCADA communication channel of the Center;
  • Report with circuit breakers, disconnectors or reclosers that are more than 3 months unmanned;
  • Report of circuit breakers that took longer than 80ms during an opening maneuver;
  • Report of maneuvers made throughout the system in the last month;
  • Report to evaluate if the short current accumulated has been exceeded in relation to that specified in the equipment manuals;
  • Report of spring loading time, which allows to evaluate trend of failure in the load of the closing spring of the breaker.

There is the possibility of integrating the EPM (which already has the process historical and real time data) to a source of meteorological data, or data of commercial contracts and, from an application defined by the client and programmed in the own system, in Python language, the user can develop, for example, prediction algorithms or generation optimization algorithms considering the variables obtained from these sources. As a partner and Elipse Certified Partner, Automalógica is able to provide EPM software integration solutions as well as the entire IT infrastructure needed to deliver a robust, high availability and scalable solution.