Develop, sell and integrate systems for the electric power segment.

This is our business.

Created in 2006, with the support of REVAP incubator (a Petrobras/Univap partnership) in São José dos Campos (SP), it was consolidated in the market after one year of existence, precisely for understand and answer fastly to market demands . The city of Jundiaí (SP), that owns one of the largest industrial parks in Latin America, was chosen as its headquarters localization because it is strategically situated between the cities of São Paulo and Campinas.

Borned with the purpose of providing the market the best services and solutions in technologie that we have. To achieve this goal, we have developed a strong culture based on the seek for excellence, innovation and robustness of our solutions.

We believe that for the development and maintenance of this culture it is fundamental a work environment leading to innovation and that values its employees, recognizing them as the main asset of the company. With this, we aim to be one of the best companies to work in our segment.

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