1st Technical Meeting on OTS

1st Technical Meeting on OTS
25 de August de 2017 Automalógica
Event organized by Automalógica and CTEEP gathered several companies from the electric sector

The theme “training operators” has been a growing challenge for companies in the electricity sector. In this scenario, Operator Training simulators (OTS-Operator Training Simulator) present themselves as an important tool in the conduction of training programs for new operators, as well as in maintaining the proficiency and certification of experienced operators.
Faced with this reality, Automalógica and CTEEP have come together to organize a meeting between companies in the electricity sector for discussions on methods and technologies used to train operators in control centers.

The event, called the 1st Technical Meeting on OTS, took place on December 3, 2014 in the auditorium of the operational control center of CTEEP, in Jundiaí, and brought together professionals from several companies in the electricity sector. Among them: CEEE-GT, CEMIG-D, CEMIG-GT, COPEL, EDP BANDEIRANTE, ELEKTRO, ELETRONORTE, ENERGISA, FURNAS, ONS, SAE, STATE GRID, TAESA, ELETROSUL and CTEEP.





Cases of aviation

It is very common, in many sectors, to put aviation as a reference in the use of simulators in training people to operate critical systems. With the objective of bringing to the electrical sector a little of the experience acquired by aviation in decades of use of simulators, the event was attended by Commander Cezar Pulshen, one of the founders of Gol Linhas Aéreas, where he also held the position of Director of Operations, with 40 years of aviation, plus 20,000 flight hours and owner of Classic School of Aviation.

Comander Cezar Pulschen

Use of OTRS to certify ONS operators

The presentation conducted by ONS Engineer Fernando Lage addressed the processes adopted by ONS-SE to certify operators using simulator in compliance with the certification requirements required by ANEEL.

Eng. Fernando Lage – ONS


The engineer Antônio Carlos Zeller and Rodrigo Tadeu, both from the Operations Department of CTEEP, spoke about the evolution in training operators in CTEEP through the use of the simulator, also listing their fundamental characteristics. The lecture was followed by a visit of the participants of the event to the structures of the STO (Simulator for Training Operators) of CTEEP.

Eng. Antônio Carlos Zeller – CTEEP

The implementation of OTS at Eletrosul

The lecture conducted by Eletrosul Engineer, Jairo Dametto, presented the OTS implementation project at Eletrosul, for which the OTS Automalógica solution was used to compose the training environment for operators of Eletrosul transmission control center in Florianópolis, Including regional operation centers.

Eng. Jairo Dametto – ELETROSUL

Integration between OTSs

The closing of the event was carried out by the lecture of Engineer Gustavo Machado, from Automalógica, who presented the forms available for integration of OTSs from different transmission, distribution, generation companies and the ONS with the objective of training operators in coordinated actions of energy recomposition.

Eng. Gustavo Machado – AUTOMALÓGICA